How to Take care of your tattoo

  •      Make sure your hands are clean before touching your tattooed skin.

  •     Take the bandage off after 2 hours. Clean the area, removing all the accumulated greasy matter that was remaining on the surface, the idea is to have a perfect matte skin; any gloss, jelly or viscous residues left can turn into an infection or dry leaving a thicker scab.

  •     After washing your tattoo, dry the area using a paper towel. Let the skin breathe for a couple of minutes until it feels completely dry. Repeat this process twice a day.

  •     It is my recommendation not to use lotion or ointment on the tattoo until after the second cleaning, typically the morning of the day the tattoo was received.

  •     The same routine must follow, by letting the skin breathe and air dry before using the tattoo lotion.

  •     Do not over clean! Washing twice a day is enough for your skin to restore to its original health. There is a natural process going on while your skin is healing, make sure you respect that.

  •     In case you have scabs, do not pick or aggravate them. Let them all fall off and heal by themselves.

  •     Don't let others touch your tattoo! Be aware of surfaces you come in contact with such as gym gear, floors, stairs, subway handles, couches, chairs, etc.

  •     Don't sleep on your tattoo. Rubbing against the tattoo and surrounding area can damage and irritate your skin, causing an over heal effect which expels more pigment than it should. It could require additional work to fix.

  •     Do not soak your tattoo in water such as pools, oceans, bathtubs, etc. for 2-3 weeks after have received your tattoo. Avoid sun exposure! Exercise with caution making sure to avoid contact and to clean your tattoo afterwards, but still not cleaning more than twice per day.

  •     After a week, you can start cleaning it once a day and change your lotion for neutral and natural moisturizers, such as Aveeno or other water-based moisturizers.

  •     The best healing process should peel like sunburn.

  •     Book a follow-up appointment, so that I can see your healed tattoo.

  •     In case you need further assistance, please send me an email at or call Sacred Tattoo at (212) 226-4286.


My materials are 100% disposable. I use disposable Cheyenne Needle Cartridges, Electra Pro inks, and Silverback black inks and grey washes.