Book Call!


If YOU have a tattoo done by me and wanted to be featured in my upcoming book. How to participate?

Submit a cool photo of you, showing the tattoo done by me, post+tag, along with your personal history. 

Read below the requirements and participation description: 


  • It doesn’t matter the size of your tattoo⚡️. I am looking for a lifestyle picture of YOU. Remember that YOUR tattoo ( done by me) must be visible, but don’t force it. 

  • Good lighting in nature, or a cityscape background. Ideally -but not a rule- I want YOU in focus and background out of focus.

  • BE YOUR BEST! Be fashionable, focusing on your best style. Be who you are: sophisticated, motorcycle-like, streetwear, hipster, hippie, rock'n'roll, vintage, beach babe and etc. Be bold but be ***YOURSELF***. 

  • I want YOUR face in the picture (Unless you are timid). 

  • NO weird filters (please), or overly manipulated photos. Keep any kind of picture enhancement below the 30% threshold. 

  • HIGH-QUALITY images only (300 pixels/inch for resolution, the image needs to be 1200 pixels wide by 1800 pixels high (or vice versa). SAVE your original file. I will contact you via direct message on IG and request the full-size picture to be sent via email. 


  1. Take the picture.

  2. Post on your account, TAG @camilarochaofficial using the hashtag #CamilaRocha on your comment. 

  3. Include a brief history related to your tattoo on your post subject, that history will be mentioned in the book along with your picture.

I will contact you through your account, be patient as I will try to catch up with everyone. 😅👩🏽‍💻🙇🏽‍♀️