Camila  Rocha is a Brazilian born artist. She lives and works in New York City. For about 15 years Camila has been participating in conventions and tattooing around the world. The artist has consistently been guest spotting in  Europe, South and North America, and has a permanent studio at Sacred Tattoo, NYC. Her work is best known for versatility, and as a tattooer, she has been contributing to the development of the art form on some levels. Among her accolades, Camila has been an editor for tattoo magazines, published tutorial videos, exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, London, Germany,  and Brazil. Between 2009-2013 Camila worked with Kat Von D at High Voltage tattoo in California. Widely appreciate around the globe, you can find her work published in books,  magazines, videos, and blogs. In 2012, Camila curated and exhibited work at the Crafts and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, CA. The exhibition, "Skin and Ink," revolved around the dialog between tattoo culture and fine art, in the West Coast. She moved to NYC in 2013, where she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 2015.

Camila passionately believes that the ideal tattoo is a combination of the artist's skill and sensibility. A philosophy that anchors her practice in working together with the client to develop a unique and successful project.

       Camila Rocha

1982, Lives and works in New York City.



2015    MFA, New York Academy of Art, New York, NYC

2012    FA Certificate Program at Los Angeles Academy of Art



2014     Figure Outing, group Summer Exhibition at Schloss Machern, Germany

2013    Inked up Tour, sponsored by Rock Star Energy Drink, Worldwide tour

    Grey Matter, Maxwell Alexander Gallery in Culver City/CA

    Sullen Collective gallery, group show in Orange County/California

2012   Skin and Ink, curator and exhibitor at Crafts and Folk art Museum, LA/ California

    100 Skulls, group show at Wonderland L.A., LA/ California

2011     I want to be the next, group exhibition at Wonderland L.A., LA/CA

2010    Keep a Breast foundation, group show in LA/CA

2009     Led's Gallery, group show in Sao Paulo/ Brazil

    Shunkun Cursos e Artes, group show in Sao Paulo/ Brazil

    Good moments, group show in São Paulo/Brazil

2008     Arigato Brazil, Ukiyo-e photography at Faculdade de Belas Artes in São Paulo/Brazil

    Ukiyo-e photography exhibition, 12o Led's Tattoo Convention in São Paulo/Brazil

2007     El Disturbio, group show in São Paulo/Brazil

    21o Exhibition of the Salão de Belas Artes de Pinheiros, group show in Sao Paulo/Brazil

2005     Hope Factory, group show in London/UK

2004     1st London Convention, group show in  London/UK

    Galeria Shock Cultural, group show in Sao Paulo/ Brazil



2010    Omenelick Segundo Ato Magazine, "Mitos e Verdades", Sao Paulo/Brazil

2009     Outro Estilo Magazine, edition #4, Sao Paulo/ Brazil

    Almanaque Digital, edition # 3, Sao Paulo /Brazil

    Jornal Estado de Minas, Sao Paulo/Brazil

2008    Vip Magazine, Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Arte e Comportamento Magazine, Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Bons Fluidos Magazine, interview Fina Estampa, Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Metro newspaper, "Exposição explora Influência do Japão no design", Ukiyo-e Photography exposition in Sao Paulo/ Brazil

2009     Clix Magazine Interview: "Fera" entrevista visual, Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Made in Japan magazine, interview, Sao Paulo/Brazil   

2002     Portal Tattoo (digital magazine), Sao Paulo/Brazil


Residencies and Scholarship Honors

2015     New York Academy of Art Merit Scholarship

      The Janet Rosel & Peter B. Lewis Scholarship

      The Valda Witt & Jay Hatfield Portrait Scholarship award, New York Academy of Art

      LCU Fund for Women’s Education Grant

2014     Leipzig Art International programme, sponsored by NYAA, Leipzig Germany

2010     Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art Scholarship, Certificate Program in Fine Arts

2008     Finalist 21o. Salao de Pintura de Pinheiros, honorable mention/painting competition, Sao Paulo/Brazil


2012     Wonderland Gallery LA, lecture on drawing, LA/ CA

      Film Tonal Drawing Techniques, direction and instruction, LA/CA


Additional Experience

2015     Sacred Tattoo, New York / NY

2014     Guest spot at Body Marking, Bologna, Italy

2008     Illustration for Costume design, Entertainment Industries, Los Angeles/CA

2013     Guest spot artist at Captured Tattoo, OC/CA

      Kings Avenue, New York /NY

2009-13 High Voltage Tattoo, LA/CA

2010-13 Original Urban Style, designer

2007-09 Camila Rocha Private Tattoo Studio, Sao Paulo/Brazil

2003-04 More core division illustration, Clothing Campaign, Sao Paulo/Brazil

2005      New Wave Tattoo, London/UK

2004      Evil from the Needle tattoo shop, London/UK

1999    Illustrator for 1,2,3,4 and 5 edition of children’s book, Editor Sorriso, Minas Gerais /Brazil


Press & Accolades  

2010     Tattoo Tribal Special Magazine, New York/USA

      Tattoo Life Magazine, European distribution

      Tattoo Energy Magazine, Milan/Italy

      Editor for Tattoo Arte e Comportamento interview with Mike Rubendall, New York/ NY

2009     Editor for Tattoo Arte e Comportamento, interview with Horitaka, San Jose/CA

       Editor for Guia da Semana, weekly editorial, culture and arts editorial, Sao Paulo/ Brazil

      Good Moments Tattoo, expositor, Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Guia da Semana, "A Alma através da tattoo", Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Citation Tattoo Your Soul by Marcelo Galega, Sao Paulo/Brazil

      Ink ‘n’ Iron Tattoo Convention in LA/CA

2008    Woman tattoo artist in Brazil, MTV Brazil Interview in Sao Paulo/Brazil

      12 led's Tattoo Convention, Sao Paulo/Brazil

2005    1st London Tattoo Convention, London/UK

2003    7th Led's tattoo Convention, Sao Paulo/Brazil

2001    1st Minas Gerais Tattoo Convention, Belo Horizonte/Brazil